Signup Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer many booth options with different price points:
- Concessions: $815 --- 15x15 booth space
- Food Trucks: $750 - roughly 10x25 truck space
- Vendor Booths with Power - $750 -- 10x10 booth space
- High Foot Traffic Vendor Booth: $665 --- 10x10 booth space
- Standard Vendor Booths: $465 -- 10x10 booth space
- Standard Artisan Vendor Booths: $275 -- 10x10 booth space

What Do The Different Colors Mean?

We differentiate our various vendor types on the map using colors for easy viewing:

Red- concessions
Yellow- food trucks
Green- high-traffic booth with power
Blue- high-traffic booth
Pink- average-traffic booth
Purple- local artisans*

*Local artisans are not required to purchase a purple booth space, they are simply reserved to ensure a strong local artisan presence

Do I Pick My Location?

Short answer- no. We will be assigning booths by the section you choose in your application. You will not have the ability to choose a specific booth but simply a certain section of the map. You will get your booth placement sent to you with your load in information in May.

What Is The Payment Schedule?

Payment in full is due with your contract. Your booth is not reserved until you have paid.

I'm A Non-Profit, Do I Get A Discount?

Yes! Any registered non-profit will receive a 20% discount on their booth fee.


General Questions

What If My Setup Is Bigger Than The Booth Space?

If your setup is bigger than the space provided, you will need to purchase an additional spot. This must be completed before the event.

Am I Able To Sell Beverages?

No, our charity partner has exclusive beverage rights. The only exception is for pre-approved, non-alcoholic specialty beverages.

Do I Get Electricity?

Electricity is only included if you purchase a green vendor booth with power. Food vendors can add power for $25. No other vendor booths can add power.

What Paperwork Is Required?

All vendors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Townsquare Live Events (LLC 1 Manhattanville Road, Suite 202, Purchase, NY 10577) as additionally insured, with liability coverage for $1,000,000.00 Incidental and $2,000,000.00 Aggregate. COIs are due at least 60 days prior to the event and should be emailed to

Any vendors making sales at the event will need to apply for a City of Fort Collins Tax License. Food vendors will need to be fully licensed as well.

How Do The Vendor Wristbands Work?

Booth vendors automatically receive 4 wristbands, and food vendors automatically receive 8. Every staff member that enters after the festival begins will need a wristband, even at the vendor entrance. Please let us know in advance how many wristbands you will need (if more than the standard amount).

Where Do I Park?

Taste of Fort Collins does not provide parking for vendors. Near the venue, you will find ample street parking and lots/decks.

Can I Bring Glass Containers?

Nope! The City of Fort Collins does not allow glass at the festival site.

Are All Vendors Welcome?

We can accept all vendors except for banks. Sorry!

Do You Limit The Number Of Similar Vendors?

Yes- we limit the number of similar businesses to 3 - 4, and do our best to place them in different areas of the festival. If you'd like exclusive rights to a particular category, it's an additional $400. We can only offer exclusivity in certain situations.

Is Security Provided?

Yes- we will have security overnight and throughout the event. Taste of Fort Collins is not responsible for lost or stolen items​.

Food Vendor

Food Vendor Questions

Can I Use My Own Generator?

No- the City of Fort Collins will no longer allow vendors to bring in their own generators. We offer power for $25.

Is There Refrigeration Onsite?

We do not offer any onsite refrigeration. If you purchase our electricity, it will be left on overnight.

How Do Staff Food Vouchers Work?

Event staff needs to eat, and we offer a $200 discount to any food vendor that offers to accept our vouchers. Each staff member will be given vouchers worth $1/ticket, which you would then accept like cash. You do not give change.

How Does Permitting Work?

All food vendors need to apply for a Temporary Health Permit through Larimer County, even if you have a brick-and-mortar location. It can take a bit of time for a permit to be approved, so we require it to be submitted 30 days before the event. Onsite, there will be a health and fire inspection that you must be prepared for.

Any vendor that does not have an approved Temporary Health Permit and/or does not pass their inspection will not be allowed to sell at the event. There will be no refund to your vendor fee in this situation.